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How to Raise Your GPA

This tool helps you analyze the feasibility of your target GPA based on your current GPA and completed and remaining credit hours in the classes you're taking.

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Remaining credit hours
Target GPA

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This tool can help both high school students and college students. However, if you are a high school student and you have taken classes that weigh more than your regular classes such as Honor, AP, BI or college credits, use our high school GPA calculator to generate a more complete grade report. It will help you calculate your weighted GPA for the entire high school year.

If you are a college student, you can alternatively use this tool to generate GPA report for the entire college year.

How to Use the Tool

  1. Enter your current cumulative GPA
  2. Enter the total number of credit hours you have completed so far (Credit hours completed)
  3. Enter the number of credit hours available for you to take in the coming semesters (Remaining credit hours)
  4. And finally, enter your target GPA.

The tool, then tells if it is feasible to meet your target GPA with the remaining time you've left in school.

If it is feasible to meet your target GPA, it will also tell you the minimum grade you need to get for all classes you are taking.